The Last Bite

Word List: Tenderloin, Chops, Carcass, Brisket, Ribs, Sirloin, Sausage, T-Bone, Pork Belly, Bacon

The Last Bite was a small, yet popular restaurant, known for serving the best meat dishes in the city. The owner, Jack, was a master chef who took pride in his craft and was passionate about serving the finest cuts of meat to his customers. Jack had always dreamt of opening his own restaurant and his dream finally came true when he opened The Last Bite.

But little did he know that his dream would soon turn into a nightmare. Jack’s restaurant was located near an old abandoned factory that had been known to be haunted for years. People used to say that the factory was built on top of a portal to hell and that the spirits of the dead had taken control of the building.

Despite all the rumors, Jack had never experienced any paranormal activities until one fateful night. He was closing the restaurant when he heard strange noises coming from the kitchen. He cautiously approached the kitchen and was horrified to find that all the cuts of meat that he had stored in the refrigerators had come to life. The Tenderloin was wriggling and the Chops were jumping off the plates. The Carcass of a pig was walking on its hind legs and the Brisket was flying in the air.

Jack was frozen with fear as he watched the meat creatures terrorize his restaurant. Suddenly, he heard a voice calling out to him. It was the ghost of a butcher who had died in the factory years ago. The ghost explained to Jack that the portal to hell had opened and the spirits of the dead were taking control of the meat. The only way to stop them was to offer the spirits a sacrifice of the finest cut of meat.

Jack had no choice but to sacrifice one of his best cuts of meat. He reached for the Ribs, but the ghost shook its head. Jack then went for the Sirloin, but again the ghost rejected it. Finally, Jack offered the T-Bone and the ghost was pleased. The ghost took the T-Bone and the meat creatures disappeared, leaving Jack alone in the restaurant.

Jack was grateful to be alive, but he couldn’t shake off the experience. He decided to close The Last Bite permanently, as he couldn’t bear the thought of serving meat that had once come to life. He now lives a quiet life, far away from the haunted factory, never to cook meat again.


Tenderloina cut of meat from the muscle that runs along the backbone of an animalTenderloin steak, Tenderloin roast, Grilled Tenderloin
Chopsa cut of meat from the rib or loin of an animalPork chops, Lamb chops, Grilled chops
Carcassthe dead body of an animal used for foodPork carcass, Beef carcass, Chicken carcass
Brisketa cut of meat from the breast of an animalBrisket sandwich, Slow cooked brisket, Smoked brisket
Ribsa cut of meat from the ribcage of an animalBarbecue ribs, Spare ribs, St. Louis style ribs
Sirloina cut of meat from the lower part of the back of an animalSirloin steak, Grilled sirloin, Sirloin roast
Sausagea type of food made from ground meat, spices, and other ingredientsBreakfast sausage, Italian sausage, Bratwurst sausage
T-Bonea type of steak cut from the short loin of an animalT-Bone steak, Grilled T-Bone, Pan-fried T-Bone
Pork Bellya cut of meat from the belly of a pigBraised pork belly, Fried pork belly, Roasted pork belly
Bacona type of salt-cured porkBacon and eggs, Bacon-wrapped, Bacon cheeseburger

The Lost Map

Word list: compass, latitude, longitude, coordinates, cartographer, topographical, trail, navigational, satellite, GPS


Jenny was a young and adventurous cartographer who loved to explore new places and create maps of those regions. She had a great passion for topographical mapping and was always fascinated by the different elevations, latitudes and longitudes of different locations.

One day, she stumbled upon a mysterious map, hidden deep inside an old and dusty library. The map was different from any she had ever seen before and showed an unknown trail that crossed through many different terrains. Jenny was intrigued and decided to set out on an adventure to follow the trail and find out what secrets the map had to offer.

She took with her a compass and a GPS device, but she soon realized that the map was not just a normal map. It was a map of the soul and showed the path to the innermost secrets of the mind. The coordinates of the map were not marked in terms of longitude and latitude, but instead, showed the innermost desires and fears of the person who had created the map.

Jenny followed the trail, using her navigational skills to guide her. The journey was long and treacherous, but she persevered. She soon found herself in a place where the sky was a brilliant shade of blue and the sun was a giant golden ball in the sky.

She looked up at the sky and saw that the GPS signal was gone, replaced by a satellite that showed the way to her final destination. She followed the satellite and reached the end of the trail, where she finally understood the true meaning of the map.

The map was not just a tool for navigation, but a way to navigate the soul. It showed the way to the innermost secrets of the mind and helped people understand their own desires and fears. Jenny had found the ultimate treasure and had finally discovered the true meaning of the map.


CompassA device used to determine direction by using a magnetized needleuse a compass, follow the compass, orient with a compass
LatitudeThe measurement of a location’s distance from the equator, north or southmeasure latitude, latitude lines, latitude and longitude
LongitudeThe measurement of a location’s distance from the Prime Meridian, east or westmeasure longitude, longitude lines, latitude and longitude
CoordinatesA set of numbers or letters that indicate a specific location on a mapfind the coordinates, map coordinates, GPS coordinates
CartographerA person who makes mapsprofessional cartographer, cartographer skills, mapmaking cartographer
TopographicalRelating to the physical features of an area, such as its terrain, elevations and valleystopographical map, topographical data, topographical survey
TrailA path through a forest, over hills, or along a coastlinefollow a trail, hiking trail, scenic trail
NavigationalRelating to navigation, or the process of finding your waynavigational skills, navigational equipment, navigational charts
SatelliteA machine that orbits the Earth and is used for communication or navigationsatellite navigation, satellite imagery, satellite signal
GPSA system that uses satellites to determine the location of a device on the groundGPS device, GPS tracking, GPS signal

The Adventure of the Lost Map

Word List: Atlas, Cartography, Latitude, Longitude, Compass, Topography, Legend, Waypoint, Altitude, Coordinate


In the depths of the Amazonian jungle, there lived a tribe of indigenous people who possessed an ancient map, passed down from their ancestors. It was said to lead to a treasure trove of unimaginable wealth and power, but only the chosen one could decipher the clues hidden within.

John was a seasoned adventurer, who was known for his expertise in Cartography and his keen sense of direction. He had heard of the legend of the lost map and decided to embark on a journey to find it. He was armed with a reliable Compass, his trusty Atlas and a keen sense of Latitude and Longitude.

As he journeyed deeper into the jungle, he encountered various obstacles and treacherous paths, but he managed to navigate his way through with the help of his map-reading skills. He finally arrived at the entrance to a hidden cave, where he was confronted by a mysterious figure, who handed him the lost map.

John carefully unrolled the map, and to his surprise, it was unlike any other he had seen. The intricate details of the Topography and the mysterious Legend written in an unknown language intrigued him. He began to study the map, and soon discovered that the treasure was located at a specific Coordinate, which was marked by a Waypoint. He also noticed that the altitude of the location was indicated on the map, which he calculated using his Altitude device.

With the map in hand, John set out on his final journey to the treasure. He followed the directions and clues written on the map, and after many days of trekking, he finally arrived at the location marked on the map. To his amazement, he found a hidden chamber, filled with riches beyond his wildest dreams.

John realized that the true treasure was not the wealth and power that lay before him, but the knowledge and wisdom he had gained from his journey. He decided to share his discovery with the world, so that others may learn from his experience.


Atlasa collection of maps or chartsatlas of the world, atlas of maps, road atlas
Cartographythe science or practice of making mapsdigital cartography, historical cartography, scientific cartography
Latitudethe measurement of a location’s distance north or south of the equatorlatitude and longitude, latitude line, latitude map
Longitudethe measurement of a location’s distance east or west of the prime meridianlongitude and latitude, longitude line, longitude map
Compassa device used to determine directionmagnetic compass, digital compass, navigation compass
Topographythe physical features of a place, such as mountains, rivers, and valleystopographical map, topographical survey, topographical data
Legenda collection of symbols used on a map to represent different featuresmap legend, map key, legend symbols
Waypointa specific location marked on a mapGPS waypoint, waypoint navigation, waypoint marker
Altitudethe height of a location above sea levelaltitude measurement, altitude chart, altitude data

The Missing Clerk

Word list:

  • Invoices
  • Ledger
  • Receipts
  • Taxation
  • Audit
  • Expenses
  • Assets
  • Budget
  • Transactions
  • Disbursement


Mr. Anderson was the chief financial officer (CFO) of a well-known multinational corporation. He was always proud of his ledger, which was maintained with impeccable accuracy. He had been working there for more than two decades and had an excellent reputation in the company.

One day, Mr. Anderson was informed that a significant amount of money was missing from the company’s accounts. The company was in a state of panic, and everyone was suspecting everyone. Mr. Anderson was called to the boardroom to give an explanation.

He was shocked to learn that all the invoices and receipts were missing. He was confident that the books were in order, but the absence of these documents left him with no proof. He had to figure out what happened and fast.

Mr. Anderson discovered that the missing clerk was responsible for the disbursement of funds, the maintenance of ledger, and the collection of receipts. He also found out that the clerk was in financial trouble and had been using the company’s money to pay off his debts.

The company was facing a major taxation problem, and an audit was underway. Mr. Anderson had to come up with a solution to rectify the situation and save the company’s assets. He had to examine the company’s expenses, transactions, and budget to determine how much money was missing and how to recover it.

Mr. Anderson worked tirelessly to rectify the situation. He was able to recover the missing funds and was praised for his quick thinking and excellent management skills. The company’s reputation was saved, and Mr. Anderson was a hero.



Meaning: A document that records the sale of goods or services and lists the items purchased, prices, and amounts owed.


  • Issue invoices
  • Pay invoices
  • Generate invoices


Meaning: A book or computer file in which financial transactions are recorded.


  • Maintain ledger
  • Update ledger
  • Balance ledger


Meaning: A piece of paper that serves as proof of payment for goods or services.


  • Keep receipts
  • Submit receipts
  • Collect receipts


Meaning: The act of imposing taxes by a government.


  • Pay taxation
  • Avoid taxation
  • Reduce taxation


Meaning: A systematic examination of the financial and administrative records of a company.


  • Conduct audit
  • Perform audit
  • Undergo audit


Meaning: The cost of something, especially the cost of running a business or household.


  • Monitor expenses
  • Reduce expenses
  • Track expenses


Meaning: Anything of value that is owned by a person or company.


  • Protect assets
  • Maximize assets
  • Acquire assets


Meaning: A financial plan for a certain period of time, usually a year, detailing estimated income and expenses.


  • Prepare budget
  • Stick to budget
  • Balance budget


Meaning: An exchange of goods, services, or financial assets.


  • Record transactions
  • Monitor transactions
  • Verify transactions


Meaning: The act of paying out money, especially from a fund or budget.


  • Approve disbursement
  • Authorize disbursement
  • Process disbursement

The Mysterious Clerk

Word List: ledger, statute, bureaucracy, arbitration, reconciliation, document, ledger, remittance, writ, memorandum


It was a dreary Monday morning and Tom, a clerk at the local government office, had just arrived at work. His boss, Mr. Smith, called him into his office and handed him a strange looking ledger.

“Tom, I need you to figure out what is going on with this ledger.” Mr. Smith said with a worried look on his face. “It’s not reconciling with the bank statements and I need to know why.”

Tom was puzzled. He had never seen a ledger like this before. It was filled with strange symbols and codes that he couldn’t decipher. He took the ledger back to his desk and started going through it, page by page.

As he worked, he realized that the ledger was in violation of several important statutes. He immediately brought this to Mr. Smith’s attention, but his boss just brushed it off. “Don’t worry about it Tom, the bureaucracy has been giving us a hard time lately.”

Tom couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off. He continued to investigate and soon discovered that the ledger was part of a larger scheme to embezzle funds from the government. He took his findings to an arbitration board and presented his evidence.

The board was shocked and immediately launched an investigation. They discovered that the corruption went all the way to the top of the bureaucracy.

Tom was hailed as a hero for his tenacity and bravery. He was given a writ from the arbitration board recognizing his efforts to bring the corrupt officials to justice. He also received a memorandum from his boss, congratulating him on a job well done.

In the end, the funds were reconciled and the corrupt officials were brought to justice. Tom was offered a promotion and a raise, but he declined. He simply felt happy knowing that he did the right thing and made a difference.


LedgerA book or computer file used for recording financial transactionsfinancial ledger, accounting ledger, sales ledger
StatuteA law passed by a legislative bodycriminal statute, tax statute, civil statute
BureaucracyThe system of government administrationgovernment bureaucracy, regulatory bureaucracy, bureaucratic process
ArbitrationA process for resolving disputes by referring them to a neutral third partylabor arbitration, commercial arbitration, international arbitration
ReconciliationThe process of bringing two conflicting things into agreementfinancial reconciliation, account reconciliation, book reconciliation
DocumentA written or printed work that contains information or evidencelegal document, official document, confidential document
RemittanceA payment made to a person in another countrymoney remittance, overseas remittance, wire remittance
WritA written order from a court that commands an actionwrit of execution, writ of habeas corpus, writ of certiorari
MemorandumA written reminder or noteinternal memorandum, confidential memorandum, legal memorandum

The Master Mason

Word List: Mortar, Trowel, Plumb Bob, Masonry, Chisel, Bricklayer, Level, Joint, Scaffold, Cement


Once upon a time, there was a young man named Jack who lived in a small village. Jack was always fascinated by the work of a mason. He had seen many masons working on the construction of houses and other buildings, but he never had the opportunity to learn the trade. One day, he decided to find a mason who would take him on as an apprentice.

He went to the village square where many masons worked and approached a man named Robert, who was known as the best mason in the village. Jack asked Robert if he could become his apprentice, and to his surprise, Robert agreed. Jack was overjoyed, and he started working with Robert the very next day.

Robert taught Jack the basics of masonry, such as how to mix cement and mortar, how to use a trowel, how to lay bricks, and how to use a chisel and hammer. Jack was eager to learn, and he quickly became skilled in the trade.

One day, Jack was working on a building with Robert and another mason. Robert asked Jack to hold the plumb bob, which is a tool used to determine verticality, while he worked. Jack was nervous, but he did as he was asked. As he held the plumb bob, he noticed that the building was not level. He pointed this out to Robert, who was impressed by Jack’s observation.

Robert then asked Jack to work on the joint, which is the space between two bricks, while he went to get some supplies. Jack was nervous again, but he knew what to do. He used the level and trowel to make sure the joint was perfect, and he was proud of his work.

As Jack worked, he realized that being a mason was not just about laying bricks. It was about being precise, careful, and making sure everything was level and straight. He also learned that a mason needs to be able to work safely, and he always used a scaffold when necessary.

In the end, Jack became a skilled bricklayer and was known as a master mason. He built many beautiful buildings and was respected by all who knew him. And he always remembered the lessons he learned from Robert, who had become a mentor and a friend.


MortarA mixture of cement, sand, water, and sometimes lime, used to join bricks or stones.Mix mortar, Apply mortar, Spread mortar
TrowelA flat tool with a handle, used for spreading and smoothing mortar.Hold trowel, Use trowel, Apply trowel
Plumb BobA weight with a pointed tip, used to determine verticality.Hold plumb bob, Suspend plumb bob, Check plumb bob
MasonryThe trade of building and repairing walls, chimneys, and other structures using bricks, stones, and mortar.Study masonry, Practice masonry, Master masonry
ChiselA tool with a sharp, pointed end, used for cutting or shaping stone or brick.Use chisel, Hold chisel, Sharpen chisel
BricklayerA person who builds or repairs walls and other structures using bricks and mortar.Become bricklayer, Hire brick

The Secret of the Mason’s Lodge

Word List: Bricklayer, Trowel, Plaster, Masonry, Mortar, Rubble, Scaffold, Chisel, Blueprint, Stonecutter


William was a bricklayer by profession, and he had always been curious about the secrets of the Mason’s Lodge. The Lodge was an ancient building made of brick and stone, and it was rumored to have been built by the greatest masons in history. William was determined to uncover the secrets of the Lodge, so one day he climbed up the scaffold to take a closer look.

As he reached the top, he noticed a blueprint lying on the ground. He picked it up and was amazed to see that it was a map of the Lodge. The blueprint showed the exact location of the hidden chambers, and William was excited to find them.

He gathered his tools, including his trusty trowel, and started to dig into the wall. He had to be careful not to damage the masonry, so he worked slowly and steadily. After several hours, he finally found what he was looking for – a small door. He opened it and found himself in a dark room.

The room was filled with rubble and debris, but William was not deterred. He carefully cleared the room, using his chisel to cut through the stone. As he worked, he noticed that the walls were covered in a strange plaster, which seemed to glow in the dark. He realized that this was not just any room – it was a secret chamber, used by the masons to store their treasures.

William continued his exploration and finally found the greatest treasure of all – a large stonecutter, used by the masons to carve the stone blocks. He was thrilled to have found such a valuable piece of history, and he carefully wrapped it in cloth to protect it.

As he left the Lodge, William realized that he had made a discovery that would change the world of masonry forever. He was proud to be a bricklayer and he knew that his name would go down in history as one of the greatest masons of all time.


BricklayerA person who builds with bricks and mortarskilled bricklayer, professional bricklayer, master bricklayer
TrowelA flat, pointed tool used for spreading mortar and other building materialsmason’s trowel, steel trowel, concrete trowel
PlasterA mixture of sand, lime, and water used for coating wallswall plaster, decorative plaster, ancient plaster
MasonryThe craft of building with bricks, stone, or other materialsfine masonry, rough masonry, medieval masonry
MortarA mixture of cement, sand, and water used to bond bricks and stonesbrick mortar, stone mortar, reinforced mortar
RubbleBroken pieces of brick, stone, or concretepile of rubble, cleared rubble, scattered rubble
ScaffoldA temporary platform used for construction worktowering scaffold, sturdy scaffold, secure scaffold
ChiselA tool used for cutting and shaping stone and metalmason’s chisel, hand chisel, pointed chisel
BlueprintA detailed plan or drawing of a building or machinearchitectural blueprint, construction blueprint, technical blueprint

The Secrets of the Palace

Word List: Viscountess, Adulterous, Scandalous, Disgrace, Lord, Majestic, Regal, Majordomo, Noblesse, Aristocrats

The Viscountess was known for her beauty and charm. She lived a life of luxury in the Majestic palace, surrounded by Regal furnishings and servants. She was married to a wealthy Lord who was a well-respected member of the Noblesse. But little did the people know, the Viscountess was Adulterous, engaging in scandalous affairs with many different men. The Majordomo, who managed the affairs of the palace, was aware of her immoral behavior and decided to use it to his advantage.

One day, the truth about the Viscountess’s infidelity was leaked to the public, causing a huge Scandal. The Lord was humiliated and the entire palace was plunged into a state of Disgrace. The Aristocrats were outraged, and the once-revered palace became the subject of ridicule and scorn. The Viscountess was forced to flee the country, leaving behind a legacy of shame and deceit.

Years passed, and the palace was eventually abandoned, its once-glorious halls now silent and desolate. But the secrets of the Viscountess and the Majordomo’s treachery lingered, whispered about by those who still remembered the scandal. To this day, the palace remains shrouded in mystery, its dark history known only to a select few.


ViscountessA noblewoman who ranks below a countess and above a baroness.Viscountess of the Court, Royal Viscountess, Heiress Viscountess
AdulterousEngaging in sexual intercourse with someone who is not one’s spouse.Adulterous Affair, Adulterous Relationship, Adulterous Lover
ScandalousShocking and causing public outrage.Scandalous Behavior, Scandalous Affair, Scandalous Scandal
DisgraceA state of shame or dishonor.Disgraceful Behavior, Disgraceful Incident, Disgraceful Scandal
LordA male nobleman with high rank, title, or status.Lord of the Manor, Lord of the Court, Lord of the Realm
MajesticImpressive and awe-inspiring in appearance or manner.Majestic Palace, Majestic Mountain, Majestic Landscape
RegalHaving the qualities or characteristics of a monarch.Regal Palace, Regal Throne, Regal Robes
MajordomoA person who manages the affairs of a household or estate.Majordomo of the Palace, Estate Majordomo, Household Majordomo
NoblesseA class of people of noble rank or birth.Noblesse Oblige, Noble Blood, Noble Lineage
AristocratsMembers of the nobility or aristocracy.Aristocrats of Society, Elite Aristocrats, Wealthy Aristocrats

The Lost Heir

Word List:

  • Descendant
  • Legacy
  • Successor
  • Inheritance
  • Ancestry
  • Estate
  • Progeny
  • Heir
  • Beneficiary
  • Endowment


John had always known that he was the only descendant of a wealthy and influential family, but he had never imagined the magnitude of his family’s legacy. He lived a simple life, working as a teacher and enjoying the simple pleasures in life. But one day, he received a letter from a lawyer informing him that he was the sole successor of his family’s vast inheritance.

Overwhelmed and curious, John decided to embark on a journey to discover the truth about his ancestry. He visited the family’s ancestral home, an enormous estate that had been abandoned for years. There, he discovered that he was the last living progeny of a powerful dynasty, and that he was the rightful heir to the family’s endowment.

John’s life changed dramatically as he was thrust into a world of wealth, power, and responsibility. He had to learn to navigate the complex world of high society and the many beneficiaries who sought to claim a share of his newfound wealth. But despite the challenges, John remained true to himself and his family’s legacy, and in doing so, he discovered that he was truly the lost heir.



  • Meaning: A person descended from a particular ancestor
  • Collocations: direct descendant, indirect descendant, only descendant


  • Meaning: Something handed down from the past; an inheritance
  • Collocations: family legacy, cultural legacy, historical legacy


  • Meaning: A person or thing that succeeds or takes the place of another
  • Collocations: rightful successor, designated successor, next successor


  • Meaning: Property, especially money or other assets, that is passed on to someone after the death of the person who owned it
  • Collocations: family inheritance, legal inheritance, monetary inheritance


  • Meaning: Lineage or descent from an ancestor; a person’s family history
  • Collocations: royal ancestry, humble ancestry, ancestral roots


  • Meaning: All the property and assets belonging to someone, especially after their death
  • Collocations: family estate, ancestral estate, inherited estate


  • Meaning: A descendant or offspring
  • Collocations: only progeny, future progeny, proud progeny


  • Meaning: A person who is entitled to inherit the property of another after their death
  • Collocations: rightful heir, designated heir, sole heir


  • Meaning: A person who is entitled to the benefits or advantages of something, especially a financial trust or will
  • Collocations: primary beneficiary, sole beneficiary, named beneficiary


  • Meaning: A large financial gift or endowment for a specific purpose, especially for a charity or educational institution
  • Collocations: charitable endowment, educational endowment, personal endowment

The Political Scandal

Scandal, Corruption, Bribery, Cover-up, Conspiracy, Embezzlement, Fraud, Graft, Misuse, Extortion

In the heart of the capital city, there was a political Scandal that rocked the nation. It all started with a simple investigation into a local official. The investigation revealed a web of Corruption and Bribery that led all the way to the top of the government.

The government attempted to Cover-up the scandal, but the evidence was too overwhelming. The public demanded answers, and the truth about the corruption was finally exposed. The media uncovered a Conspiracy between the government officials and private corporations, and the evidence of Embezzlement and Fraud was overwhelming.

The public was shocked and outraged. They had always suspected that there was corruption in the government, but they never imagined that it was on such a massive scale. The officials involved in the scandal were charged with Graft and Misuse of public funds. Some of the officials were even found guilty of Extortion.

The political scandal caused a major shift in the government. The public demanded change, and the government was forced to take action. A new era of transparency and accountability was ushered in, and the public could finally have faith in their leaders again.


Scandala situation or event that causes public outrage and disapprovalpolitical scandal, sex scandal, financial scandal
Corruptionthe act of using power for illegal or dishonest purposespolitical corruption, police corruption, corporate corruption
Briberythe act of giving or accepting something of value in exchange for influence or advantagepolitical bribery, corporate bribery, public bribery
Cover-upthe act of hiding or concealing information or evidencegovernment cover-up, police cover-up, political cover-up
Conspiracya secret plan made by a group of people to do something illegal or harmfulpolitical conspiracy, government conspiracy, financial conspiracy
Embezzlementthe act of misusing or stealing money or resources that have been entrusted to someonecorporate embezzlement, government embezzlement, financial embezzlement
Fraudthe act of deceiving or tricking someone for personal gainfinancial fraud, political fraud, investment fraud
Graftthe act of using one’s position for personal gainpolitical graft, corporate graft, public graft
Misusethe act of using something in an inappropriate or incorrect waygovernment misuse, public misuse, corporate misuse
Extortionthe act of using threats or violence to obtain money or informationpolitical extortion, corporate extortion, public extortion