The Last Bite

Word List: Tenderloin, Chops, Carcass, Brisket, Ribs, Sirloin, Sausage, T-Bone, Pork Belly, Bacon

The Last Bite was a small, yet popular restaurant, known for serving the best meat dishes in the city. The owner, Jack, was a master chef who took pride in his craft and was passionate about serving the finest cuts of meat to his customers. Jack had always dreamt of opening his own restaurant and his dream finally came true when he opened The Last Bite.

But little did he know that his dream would soon turn into a nightmare. Jack’s restaurant was located near an old abandoned factory that had been known to be haunted for years. People used to say that the factory was built on top of a portal to hell and that the spirits of the dead had taken control of the building.

Despite all the rumors, Jack had never experienced any paranormal activities until one fateful night. He was closing the restaurant when he heard strange noises coming from the kitchen. He cautiously approached the kitchen and was horrified to find that all the cuts of meat that he had stored in the refrigerators had come to life. The Tenderloin was wriggling and the Chops were jumping off the plates. The Carcass of a pig was walking on its hind legs and the Brisket was flying in the air.

Jack was frozen with fear as he watched the meat creatures terrorize his restaurant. Suddenly, he heard a voice calling out to him. It was the ghost of a butcher who had died in the factory years ago. The ghost explained to Jack that the portal to hell had opened and the spirits of the dead were taking control of the meat. The only way to stop them was to offer the spirits a sacrifice of the finest cut of meat.

Jack had no choice but to sacrifice one of his best cuts of meat. He reached for the Ribs, but the ghost shook its head. Jack then went for the Sirloin, but again the ghost rejected it. Finally, Jack offered the T-Bone and the ghost was pleased. The ghost took the T-Bone and the meat creatures disappeared, leaving Jack alone in the restaurant.

Jack was grateful to be alive, but he couldn’t shake off the experience. He decided to close The Last Bite permanently, as he couldn’t bear the thought of serving meat that had once come to life. He now lives a quiet life, far away from the haunted factory, never to cook meat again.


Tenderloina cut of meat from the muscle that runs along the backbone of an animalTenderloin steak, Tenderloin roast, Grilled Tenderloin
Chopsa cut of meat from the rib or loin of an animalPork chops, Lamb chops, Grilled chops
Carcassthe dead body of an animal used for foodPork carcass, Beef carcass, Chicken carcass
Brisketa cut of meat from the breast of an animalBrisket sandwich, Slow cooked brisket, Smoked brisket
Ribsa cut of meat from the ribcage of an animalBarbecue ribs, Spare ribs, St. Louis style ribs
Sirloina cut of meat from the lower part of the back of an animalSirloin steak, Grilled sirloin, Sirloin roast
Sausagea type of food made from ground meat, spices, and other ingredientsBreakfast sausage, Italian sausage, Bratwurst sausage
T-Bonea type of steak cut from the short loin of an animalT-Bone steak, Grilled T-Bone, Pan-fried T-Bone
Pork Bellya cut of meat from the belly of a pigBraised pork belly, Fried pork belly, Roasted pork belly
Bacona type of salt-cured porkBacon and eggs, Bacon-wrapped, Bacon cheeseburger

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