The Lost Map

Word list: compass, latitude, longitude, coordinates, cartographer, topographical, trail, navigational, satellite, GPS


Jenny was a young and adventurous cartographer who loved to explore new places and create maps of those regions. She had a great passion for topographical mapping and was always fascinated by the different elevations, latitudes and longitudes of different locations.

One day, she stumbled upon a mysterious map, hidden deep inside an old and dusty library. The map was different from any she had ever seen before and showed an unknown trail that crossed through many different terrains. Jenny was intrigued and decided to set out on an adventure to follow the trail and find out what secrets the map had to offer.

She took with her a compass and a GPS device, but she soon realized that the map was not just a normal map. It was a map of the soul and showed the path to the innermost secrets of the mind. The coordinates of the map were not marked in terms of longitude and latitude, but instead, showed the innermost desires and fears of the person who had created the map.

Jenny followed the trail, using her navigational skills to guide her. The journey was long and treacherous, but she persevered. She soon found herself in a place where the sky was a brilliant shade of blue and the sun was a giant golden ball in the sky.

She looked up at the sky and saw that the GPS signal was gone, replaced by a satellite that showed the way to her final destination. She followed the satellite and reached the end of the trail, where she finally understood the true meaning of the map.

The map was not just a tool for navigation, but a way to navigate the soul. It showed the way to the innermost secrets of the mind and helped people understand their own desires and fears. Jenny had found the ultimate treasure and had finally discovered the true meaning of the map.


CompassA device used to determine direction by using a magnetized needleuse a compass, follow the compass, orient with a compass
LatitudeThe measurement of a location’s distance from the equator, north or southmeasure latitude, latitude lines, latitude and longitude
LongitudeThe measurement of a location’s distance from the Prime Meridian, east or westmeasure longitude, longitude lines, latitude and longitude
CoordinatesA set of numbers or letters that indicate a specific location on a mapfind the coordinates, map coordinates, GPS coordinates
CartographerA person who makes mapsprofessional cartographer, cartographer skills, mapmaking cartographer
TopographicalRelating to the physical features of an area, such as its terrain, elevations and valleystopographical map, topographical data, topographical survey
TrailA path through a forest, over hills, or along a coastlinefollow a trail, hiking trail, scenic trail
NavigationalRelating to navigation, or the process of finding your waynavigational skills, navigational equipment, navigational charts
SatelliteA machine that orbits the Earth and is used for communication or navigationsatellite navigation, satellite imagery, satellite signal
GPSA system that uses satellites to determine the location of a device on the groundGPS device, GPS tracking, GPS signal

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