The Unexpected Visitor

Word List: stranger, community, kindness, neighborly, hospitality, generosity, trust, goodwill, respect, generosity


It was a typical evening in the quiet little community of Greenville. People were finishing up their day and settling into their homes for the night. That’s when a stranger appeared in the town square.

The stranger was tired, hungry, and in desperate need of a place to stay for the night. Word quickly spread through the community about the man’s situation, and soon the residents of Greenville were rallying to help.

Their kindness and neighborly spirit were evident as they offered the stranger food, a place to stay, and a warm bath. They showed hospitality and generosity that was beyond what the stranger could have ever imagined.

The stranger was overwhelmed by their acts of kindness and began to trust the people of Greenville. He felt a sense of goodwill and respect towards the community that he would never forget.

Over the next few days, the stranger stayed in the town, getting to know the residents and helping out wherever he could. He was impressed by their generosity and the way they looked after each other.

As the stranger prepared to leave Greenville, he felt a sense of sadness. He was grateful for the experience and the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful community. He left with a promise to come back and visit, and a heart full of memories.


Strangersomeone you have never met beforetalk to a stranger, be friendly to a stranger, be wary of strangers
Communitya group of people who live in the same area and have shared interests or experiencesbe part of a community, help the community, build a community
Kindnessthe quality of being friendly, generous, and considerateshow kindness, act with kindness, spread kindness
Neighborlyfriendly and helpful towards one’s neighborsbe neighborly, act neighborly, show neighborly spirit
Hospitalitythe friendly and generous treatment of guestsshow hospitality, offer hospitality, extend hospitality
Generositythe quality of being kind and givingact with generosity, show generosity, demonstrate generosity
Trustbelief in the honesty, reliability, and good character of someonebuild trust, establish trust, earn trust
Goodwillfriendly and helpful feelings towards othersshow goodwill, create goodwill, build goodwill
Respectadmiration and support for someone or somethingshow respect, earn respect, give respect
Generositythe quality of being kind and givingact with generosity, show generosity, demonstrate generosity

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