The Secret of the Mason’s Lodge

Word List: Bricklayer, Trowel, Plaster, Masonry, Mortar, Rubble, Scaffold, Chisel, Blueprint, Stonecutter


William was a bricklayer by profession, and he had always been curious about the secrets of the Mason’s Lodge. The Lodge was an ancient building made of brick and stone, and it was rumored to have been built by the greatest masons in history. William was determined to uncover the secrets of the Lodge, so one day he climbed up the scaffold to take a closer look.

As he reached the top, he noticed a blueprint lying on the ground. He picked it up and was amazed to see that it was a map of the Lodge. The blueprint showed the exact location of the hidden chambers, and William was excited to find them.

He gathered his tools, including his trusty trowel, and started to dig into the wall. He had to be careful not to damage the masonry, so he worked slowly and steadily. After several hours, he finally found what he was looking for – a small door. He opened it and found himself in a dark room.

The room was filled with rubble and debris, but William was not deterred. He carefully cleared the room, using his chisel to cut through the stone. As he worked, he noticed that the walls were covered in a strange plaster, which seemed to glow in the dark. He realized that this was not just any room – it was a secret chamber, used by the masons to store their treasures.

William continued his exploration and finally found the greatest treasure of all – a large stonecutter, used by the masons to carve the stone blocks. He was thrilled to have found such a valuable piece of history, and he carefully wrapped it in cloth to protect it.

As he left the Lodge, William realized that he had made a discovery that would change the world of masonry forever. He was proud to be a bricklayer and he knew that his name would go down in history as one of the greatest masons of all time.


BricklayerA person who builds with bricks and mortarskilled bricklayer, professional bricklayer, master bricklayer
TrowelA flat, pointed tool used for spreading mortar and other building materialsmason’s trowel, steel trowel, concrete trowel
PlasterA mixture of sand, lime, and water used for coating wallswall plaster, decorative plaster, ancient plaster
MasonryThe craft of building with bricks, stone, or other materialsfine masonry, rough masonry, medieval masonry
MortarA mixture of cement, sand, and water used to bond bricks and stonesbrick mortar, stone mortar, reinforced mortar
RubbleBroken pieces of brick, stone, or concretepile of rubble, cleared rubble, scattered rubble
ScaffoldA temporary platform used for construction worktowering scaffold, sturdy scaffold, secure scaffold
ChiselA tool used for cutting and shaping stone and metalmason’s chisel, hand chisel, pointed chisel
BlueprintA detailed plan or drawing of a building or machinearchitectural blueprint, construction blueprint, technical blueprint

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