The Master Mason

Word List: Mortar, Trowel, Plumb Bob, Masonry, Chisel, Bricklayer, Level, Joint, Scaffold, Cement


Once upon a time, there was a young man named Jack who lived in a small village. Jack was always fascinated by the work of a mason. He had seen many masons working on the construction of houses and other buildings, but he never had the opportunity to learn the trade. One day, he decided to find a mason who would take him on as an apprentice.

He went to the village square where many masons worked and approached a man named Robert, who was known as the best mason in the village. Jack asked Robert if he could become his apprentice, and to his surprise, Robert agreed. Jack was overjoyed, and he started working with Robert the very next day.

Robert taught Jack the basics of masonry, such as how to mix cement and mortar, how to use a trowel, how to lay bricks, and how to use a chisel and hammer. Jack was eager to learn, and he quickly became skilled in the trade.

One day, Jack was working on a building with Robert and another mason. Robert asked Jack to hold the plumb bob, which is a tool used to determine verticality, while he worked. Jack was nervous, but he did as he was asked. As he held the plumb bob, he noticed that the building was not level. He pointed this out to Robert, who was impressed by Jack’s observation.

Robert then asked Jack to work on the joint, which is the space between two bricks, while he went to get some supplies. Jack was nervous again, but he knew what to do. He used the level and trowel to make sure the joint was perfect, and he was proud of his work.

As Jack worked, he realized that being a mason was not just about laying bricks. It was about being precise, careful, and making sure everything was level and straight. He also learned that a mason needs to be able to work safely, and he always used a scaffold when necessary.

In the end, Jack became a skilled bricklayer and was known as a master mason. He built many beautiful buildings and was respected by all who knew him. And he always remembered the lessons he learned from Robert, who had become a mentor and a friend.


MortarA mixture of cement, sand, water, and sometimes lime, used to join bricks or stones.Mix mortar, Apply mortar, Spread mortar
TrowelA flat tool with a handle, used for spreading and smoothing mortar.Hold trowel, Use trowel, Apply trowel
Plumb BobA weight with a pointed tip, used to determine verticality.Hold plumb bob, Suspend plumb bob, Check plumb bob
MasonryThe trade of building and repairing walls, chimneys, and other structures using bricks, stones, and mortar.Study masonry, Practice masonry, Master masonry
ChiselA tool with a sharp, pointed end, used for cutting or shaping stone or brick.Use chisel, Hold chisel, Sharpen chisel
BricklayerA person who builds or repairs walls and other structures using bricks and mortar.Become bricklayer, Hire brick

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