The Lost Heir

Word List:

  • Descendant
  • Legacy
  • Successor
  • Inheritance
  • Ancestry
  • Estate
  • Progeny
  • Heir
  • Beneficiary
  • Endowment


John had always known that he was the only descendant of a wealthy and influential family, but he had never imagined the magnitude of his family’s legacy. He lived a simple life, working as a teacher and enjoying the simple pleasures in life. But one day, he received a letter from a lawyer informing him that he was the sole successor of his family’s vast inheritance.

Overwhelmed and curious, John decided to embark on a journey to discover the truth about his ancestry. He visited the family’s ancestral home, an enormous estate that had been abandoned for years. There, he discovered that he was the last living progeny of a powerful dynasty, and that he was the rightful heir to the family’s endowment.

John’s life changed dramatically as he was thrust into a world of wealth, power, and responsibility. He had to learn to navigate the complex world of high society and the many beneficiaries who sought to claim a share of his newfound wealth. But despite the challenges, John remained true to himself and his family’s legacy, and in doing so, he discovered that he was truly the lost heir.



  • Meaning: A person descended from a particular ancestor
  • Collocations: direct descendant, indirect descendant, only descendant


  • Meaning: Something handed down from the past; an inheritance
  • Collocations: family legacy, cultural legacy, historical legacy


  • Meaning: A person or thing that succeeds or takes the place of another
  • Collocations: rightful successor, designated successor, next successor


  • Meaning: Property, especially money or other assets, that is passed on to someone after the death of the person who owned it
  • Collocations: family inheritance, legal inheritance, monetary inheritance


  • Meaning: Lineage or descent from an ancestor; a person’s family history
  • Collocations: royal ancestry, humble ancestry, ancestral roots


  • Meaning: All the property and assets belonging to someone, especially after their death
  • Collocations: family estate, ancestral estate, inherited estate


  • Meaning: A descendant or offspring
  • Collocations: only progeny, future progeny, proud progeny


  • Meaning: A person who is entitled to inherit the property of another after their death
  • Collocations: rightful heir, designated heir, sole heir


  • Meaning: A person who is entitled to the benefits or advantages of something, especially a financial trust or will
  • Collocations: primary beneficiary, sole beneficiary, named beneficiary


  • Meaning: A large financial gift or endowment for a specific purpose, especially for a charity or educational institution
  • Collocations: charitable endowment, educational endowment, personal endowment

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