The Wise Owl and the Lost Kitten

Word List: Owl, Wise, Kitten, Lost, Search, Night, Forest, Tree, Home, Adventure

Once upon a time, there was a wise old owl who lived in a big tree in the middle of a dense forest. The owl had lived in the forest for many years and knew it like the back of his wing. One night, he was woken up by a tiny kitten who was crying for help. The kitten had gotten lost and couldn’t find his way back to his home.

The owl decided to help the kitten and began a search through the forest to find the kitten’s home. It was a dark and moonless night, but the owl was not afraid. He knew the forest well and was confident that he could find the kitten’s home.

They went on an exciting adventure through the forest, flying and walking, searching for the kitten’s home. Along the way, the owl taught the kitten many things about the forest and how to be safe. Finally, after what felt like hours, they finally found the kitten’s home. The kitten was overjoyed and thanked the wise owl for his help.

From that day on, the kitten and the owl became good friends and went on many more adventures in the forest together. They explored the forest by day and night, and the kitten learned more and more from the wise owl.


OwlA bird of prey with a distinctive round face, large eyes and silent flightA wise owl, An owl hoot, An owl’s nest
WiseHaving good judgement or knowledgeWise words, Wise decision, Wise man
KittenA young catA stray kitten, A kitten’s purr, A kitten’s eyes
LostUnable to find one’s wayLost and found, Lost property, Get lost
SearchAn attempt to find somethingSearch for, Search party, Search and rescue
NightThe time when it is darkNight sky, Night time, Night shift
ForestA large area of land covered in treesForest fire, Forest animals, Forest habitat
TreeA tall perennial plant that has a single stem or trunk supporting branches and leavesTree house, Tree trunk, Tree roots
HomeA place where someone lives or where they feel comfortableHome sweet home, Home away from home, Go home
AdventureAn exciting and unusual experienceAdventure time, Adventure story, Adventure sports

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