The Brave Parrot and the Dangerous Snake

Word List: Parrot, Brave, Snake, Rescue, Fly, Danger, Perch, Forest, Nest, Home

Once upon a time, there was a parrot who lived in a forest with his family and friends. One day, while flying over the trees, he saw a dangerous snake trying to attack a helpless bird. The parrot knew he had to do something. Being a brave bird, he flew down to the ground and tried to rescue the bird. The snake was about to attack him, but the parrot quickly flew into the air and perched on a high branch. The snake followed him, but the parrot was too fast for the snake and he managed to fly away safely.

The parrot then brought the rescued bird to its nest, where they were safe from harm. The parrot’s family and friends were proud of him for being so brave and saving the other bird. They all decided to fly back to their home in the trees and enjoy the rest of their day. The parrot was happy that he was able to help someone in need and make a difference in the world.


ParrotA colorful bird with a hooked beak and the ability to mimic human speechA pet parrot, A parrot feather, A talking parrot
BraveCourageous and daringBrave heart, Brave face, Bravely done
SnakeA long, legless reptile with a dangerous biteA poisonous snake, A snake bite, A snake charmer
RescueTo save someone from danger or harmRescue mission, Rescue workers, Rescue operation
FlyTo move through the air using wingsFly away, Fly high, Fly low
DangerThe possibility of harm or injuryIn danger, Dangerous situation, Dangerous road
PerchA stick or branch used by a bird to rest onPerch on, Perch high, Perch low
ForestA large area of land covered in treesForest fire, Forest animals, Forest habitat
NestA structure built by a bird to hold its eggsBird nest, Nest egg, Nesting
HomeA place where someone lives or where they feel comfortableHome sweet home, Home away from home, Go home

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