The Talking Parrot and the Thief

Word List: Parrot, Talk, Thief, Treasure, Hidden, Island, Ship, Sail, Captain, Crew

Once upon a time, there was a parrot named Polly who could talk. Polly lived on a small island in the middle of the ocean with her owner, the island’s captain. The island was famous for its hidden treasure, and many sailors had tried to find it over the years.

One day, a thief sneaked onto the island and began searching for the treasure. The thief was determined to find the treasure and become rich, no matter what it took. But little did he know, Polly was watching him.

Polly decided to help the island’s captain and warned him of the thief’s presence. The captain and his crew set out to stop the thief and protect the treasure.

Polly flew to the thief’s hideout and told him that the captain and his crew were on their way. The thief was surprised that a parrot could talk, and he realized that he was in big trouble. He quickly fled the island on his ship, trying to escape.

However, the captain and his crew were hot on the thief’s trail, and they chased after him on their own ship. The thief sailed as fast as he could, but the captain and his crew were faster and soon caught up with him.

In the end, the thief was arrested, and the treasure was safe. Polly was hailed as a hero and the captain rewarded her with a lifetime supply of crackers. From that day on, Polly continued to live on the island, helping to protect the treasure and warning the captain and his crew of any danger.


ParrotA tropical bird with a hooked bill and bright plumagePet parrot, Parrot family, Parrot species
TalkTo express or exchange ideas through speech or sign languageTalk to, Talk about, Talk show
ThiefA person who steals somethingThief caught, Thief in the night, Thief’s lair
TreasureSomething of great worth or valueTreasure trove, Treasure hunt, Treasure chest
HiddenKept out of sight or not easily noticeableHidden gem, Hidden camera, Hidden agenda
IslandA piece of land surrounded by waterTropical island, Desert island, Island paradise
ShipA large boat designed to carry people or goods by seaPirate ship, Shipwreck, Ship’s crew
SailTo travel on a shipSail away, Sail the seas, Sail to
CaptainThe person in charge of a shipShip captain, Plane captain, Team captain
CrewA group of people working together on a shipShip crew, Flight crew, Film crew

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