The Wandering Flamingo and the Lost Lake

Word List: Flamingo, Wander, Lost, Lake, Migration, Lonely, Friend, Search, Journey, Home

Once upon a time, there was a flamingo named Flossie who loved to wander. Flossie was always curious and loved to explore new places. She lived in a vast lake with her flock, but she was feeling very lonely and wanted to find a new home.

One day, Flossie decided to set out on a journey to find a new place to live. She said goodbye to her flock and began her search. Flossie travelled far and wide, but she could not find a place that felt like home.

As Flossie continued on her journey, she stumbled upon a lost lake. The lake was beautiful, but it was also very lonely. Flossie was the only living creature around, and she was starting to feel very homesick.

One day, Flossie met a new friend, a wise old pelican who lived near the lake. The pelican told Flossie about the lake’s migration patterns and how all the other birds would come back to the lake every year.

Flossie was overjoyed at the prospect of having company again, and she decided to stay at the lake. She made a home for herself and soon enough, the other birds arrived for their annual migration. Flossie was no longer lonely, and she had found a new place to call home.

From that day on, Flossie and her new friends explored the lake together, and she was never lost again. Flossie learned that sometimes the best way to find your home is to go on a journey and explore new places.


FlamingoA tall wading bird with long legs and neck and pink feathersFlamingo dance, Flamingo habitat, Flamingo flocks
WanderTo move or travel aimlessly or unsystematicallyWander around, Wander off, Wanderlust
LostUnable to be found or locatedLost and found, Lost in thought, Lost opportunity
LakeA large body of water surrounded by landLake shore, Lake district, Lakefront
MigrationThe regular movement of animals from one place to anotherBird migration, Whale migration, Fish migration
LonelyFeeling sad or isolated because one has no friends or companionsLonely heart, Lonely night, Lonely road
FriendA person one knows well and is fond ofBest friend, New friend, Childhood friend
SearchTo make a deliberate effort to find somethingSearch for, Search party, Search and rescue
JourneyA trip or voyage, especially a long or difficult oneJourney to, Journey home, Journey of discovery
HomeA place where one lives or where one’s home isHome sweet home, Home away from home, Home base

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