The Brave Little Sparrow and the Thunderstorm

Word List: Sparrow, Brave, Thunderstorm, Fear, Shelter, Courage, Adventure, Roost, Nest, Perch

Once upon a time, there was a sparrow named Sam who loved to go on adventures. Sam lived in a small roost near a forest, and he loved to explore the area. One day, Sam heard that there was a beautiful lake on the other side of the forest, and he decided to go on an adventure to find it.

As Sam was flying over the forest, a huge thunderstorm started to brew. Sam was frightened by the loud thunder and bright lightning, and he started to look for shelter. He flew as fast as he could, but the storm was getting worse, and he was starting to feel very fearful.

Just when Sam thought he would never find shelter, he came upon a big, sturdy tree. Sam flew up to the tree and found a comfortable perch to rest on. The storm continued to rage, but Sam was no longer afraid. He realized that he was brave and that he could face his fears.

As Sam sat on his perch, he thought about all the other birds who were still out in the storm. He knew that they were probably scared and in need of shelter. Sam decided to go back out into the storm and help his fellow birds find safety.

Sam flew from tree to tree, calling out to the other birds and leading them to the safety of the big tree. By the time the storm had passed, Sam had helped many birds find shelter, and he was hailed as a hero.

From that day on, Sam was known as the brave little sparrow who helped his fellow birds during the terrible thunderstorm. He had discovered that sometimes, it takes a little bit of courage to face your fears and go on an adventure.


SparrowA small bird with a brown back and a grey headSparrow song, Sparrow family, Sparrow flight
BravePossessing or exhibiting courage; fearlessBrave face, Brave soldier, Brave heart
ThunderstormA storm characterized by thunder and lightningThunderstorm warning, Thunderstorm season, Thunderstorm watch
FearAn unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous or likely to cause painFear of, Fear for, Fear of the unknown
ShelterA place that provides protection from the weather or dangerShelter from the storm, Shelter for homeless, Shelter for animals
CourageThe quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fearCourage to, Courage under fire, Courage to stand up
AdventureAn exciting or unusual experienceAdventure trip, Adventure novel, Adventure sports
RoostA place where birds rest at nightRoost for birds, Roost for bats, Roost for owls
NestA place made or chosen by a bird for laying eggs and sheltering its youngBird nest, Nest building, Nest egg
PerchA place to rest or sit, especially for a birdPerch for birds, Perch on, Perch in a tree

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