The Lost Pigeon and the Kindhearted Crow

Word List: Pigeon, Lost, Kindhearted, Crow, Direction, Guidance, Lonesome, Search, Wander, Rescue

Once upon a time, there was a pigeon named Pat who loved to fly and explore the world. One day, Pat got a little too adventurous and flew far away from his home. As the day went on, Pat realized that he had lost his way and was now lost.

Pat started to feel lonesome and scared. He didn’t know how to get back home, and he didn’t have any friends to help him. Just as Pat was starting to give up hope, he met a kindhearted crow named Carl.

Carl asked Pat what was wrong, and Pat told him about how he was lost and didn’t know how to get back home. Carl offered to help Pat find his way back home. Pat was overjoyed and gratefully accepted Carl’s offer of guidance.

Together, Pat and Carl went on a search for Pat’s home. They wandered through the forest and over the mountains, but they still couldn’t find Pat’s home. Just when they were about to give up, they stumbled upon a group of pigeons who looked familiar to Pat.

Pat realized that these were his friends and family! He had finally found his way back home, thanks to Carl’s rescue efforts. Pat was so happy to be back home, and he was grateful to Carl for all his help.

From that day on, Pat and Carl became great friends. They went on many more adventures together, always looking out for each other and helping each other when they needed it.


PigeonA plump bird with a round head and a short beak, typically with grey and white feathersPigeon coo, Pigeon race, Pigeon feed
LostUnable to find one’s way; not knowing one’s location or positionLost and found, Lost control, Lost in thought
KindheartedHaving or showing a warm and tender natureKindhearted person, Kindhearted smile, Kindhearted act
CrowA large bird with glossy black feathers, a hooked bill, and a raucous voiceCrow call, Crow flight, Crow family
DirectionA line or course along which something is moving or extending; a general course or way of procedureDirection to, Direction of, Direction sign
GuidanceAdvice or information aimed at resolving a problem or difficultyGuidance counselor, Guidance on, Guidance for
LonesomeFeeling sad because one has no friends or companyLonesome feeling, Lonesome place, Lonesome night
SearchAn act of looking or seeking carefully in order to find somethingSearch for, Search party, Search engine
WanderTo move or travel aimlessly or without a fixed destinationWander around, Wander off, Wander through
RescueTo save or deliver someone or something from danger or harmRescue mission, Rescue team, Rescue operation

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