The Wandering Pelican and the Kind Fisherman

Word List: Pelican, Wander, Kind, Fisherman, Net, Shore, Hunger, Belly, Gratitude, Generous

Once upon a time, there lived a pelican named Peter who loved to wander along the shore of a beautiful lake. Peter was always hungry and was always searching for food to fill his empty belly.

One day, while wandering along the shore, Peter came across a kind fisherman who was fishing in the lake. The fisherman was using a big net to catch fish, and Peter watched as he pulled the net to the shore.

As the fisherman started to remove the fish from the net, Peter’s hunger grew even stronger, and he couldn’t resist the temptation. He flew down to the shore and started to eat some of the fish.

The fisherman saw Peter eating the fish, and instead of getting angry, he smiled and gave Peter even more fish to eat. Peter was filled with gratitude for the fisherman’s kindness, and from that day on, he visited the fisherman every day to receive his kindness and generosity.

As time went by, the fisherman and Peter became the best of friends, and Peter never forgot the fisherman’s kindness. The fisherman always had a smile on his face whenever he saw Peter, and Peter always expressed his gratitude through his actions.


PelicanA large water bird with a large bill and pouch for carrying fishPelican feathers, Pelican flight, Pelican beak
WanderTo move or travel aimlessly or without a definite destinationWander through the forest, Wander along the river, Wander the streets
KindHaving or showing a gentle nature and a willingness to help othersKind heart, Kind words, Kind gesture
FishermanA person who catches fish for a living or for pleasureFisherman’s hat, Fisherman’s boat, Fisherman’s catch
NetA mesh or fabric stretched over a frame, used to capture animals or fishFishing net, Butterfly net, Tennis net
ShoreThe land along the edge of a sea, lake, or riverShoreline, Shore birds, Shore rocks
HungerA feeling of discomfort or weakness caused by lack of foodHunger strike, Hunger pain, Hunger relief
BellyThe front part of a person’s or animal’s body between the chest and the pelvis, containing the main digestive organsBelly fat, Belly laugh, Belly ache
GratitudeA feeling of thankfulness and appreciation for something that has been receivedGratitude journal, Gratitude list, Gratitude letter
GenerousWilling to give more of something, especially money or time, than is necessary or expectedGenerous gift, Generous heart, Generous person

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