The Brave Little Kitten

Word List: Adventurous, Curious, Fierce, Mischievous, Playful, Tenacious, Vain, Whimsical, Witty, Yielding

Once upon a time, in a small village, there lived a fierce little kitten named Mittens. Mittens was known for her adventurous spirit and curious nature. She loved to explore the village and try new things.

One day, Mittens found herself lost in the forest. She didn’t know how she got there, but she was determined to find her way back home. Mittens was a tenacious kitten and refused to give up.

As she made her way through the forest, she came across a group of mischievous monkeys. They tried to scare her, but Mittens was not intimidated. Instead, she used her witty humor to make the monkeys laugh and they became friends.

Mittens soon realized that she was not lost after all. The village was just on the other side of the forest. She was so happy to be home and to show off her playful antics to her friends.

However, Mittens also learned a valuable lesson about being vain. She had been so focused on being the center of attention that she forgot about her friends and the true meaning of adventure. From then on, Mittens was a more yielding kitten and made sure to always put others first.


AdventurousWilling to take risks and try new thingsan adventurous spirit, an adventurous journey
CuriousInterested in learning about somethinga curious mind, a curious look
FierceIntense and powerfula fierce battle, a fierce determination
MischievousPlayful and causing trouble in a playful waymischievous monkeys, a mischievous grin
PlayfulFull of fun and joyplayful antics, a playful attitude
TenaciousDetermined and persistenta tenacious spirit, a tenacious grip
VainExcessively proud of one’s appearance or abilitiesa vain personality, a vain attempt
WhimsicalPlayful and fancifula whimsical idea, a whimsical design
WittyHumorous and clevera witty remark, a witty sense of humor
YieldingEasily influenced or persuadeda yielding attitude, a yielding personality

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