The Brave Peacock and the Hungry Leopard

Word List: Peacock, Brave, Hungry, Leopard, Radiant, Courageous, Pounce, Stare, Showoff, Threat

In a jungle, there lived a peacock named Prince who was known for his radiant and colorful feathers. Prince was a showoff, and he loved to strut his feathers and dance in front of all the other animals.

One day, while Prince was dancing, he came across a hungry leopard who was staring at him hungrily. The leopard was ready to pounce on Prince, but Prince wasn’t afraid.

Despite his fear, Prince was a brave bird, and he stood up to the leopard. He spread his feathers and danced even more fiercely, and the leopard was intimidated by his courage.

The leopard couldn’t help but stare in awe at Prince’s feathers, and soon, he realized that Prince wasn’t just a showoff, he was also a brave bird. The leopard was so impressed by Prince’s bravery that he decided to spare him and went on his way in search of another prey.

From that day on, Prince was known as the bravest bird in the jungle, and all the animals looked up to him with respect. Prince learned that sometimes, even the smallest creatures can be the biggest threat, and that courage and bravery can conquer any fear.


PeacockA large bird with a long neck, a colorful crest of feathers on its head, and long, showy tail feathersPeacock feathers, Peacock dance, Peacock parade
BraveBrave is a quality of spirit that enables you to face danger or pain without showing fearBrave heart, Brave decision, Brave warrior
HungryWanting or needing food; feeling the need to eatHungry stomach, Hungry mouth, Hungry eyes
LeopardA large carnivorous cat that has a yellowish-brown coat covered in black spots and rosettesLeopard print, Leopard skin, Leopard spots
RadiantGiving out light; shining brightlyRadiant smile, Radiant beauty, Radiant sun
CourageousBrave; not afraid of dangerCourageous act, Courageous hero, Courageous spirit
PounceTo jump or leap suddenly at someone or somethingPounce on prey, Pounce on opportunity, Pounce on enemy
StareTo look steadily and intently at someone or somethingStare at the sky, Stare at the sun, Stare at the stars
ShowoffA person who tries to attract attention by showing off their talents or belongingsShowoff talents, Showoff car, Showoff jewelry
ThreatA statement or action that expresses an intention to harm or punish someoneThreat to security, Threat to peace, Threat to life

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