The Elegant Swan and the Fierce Wolf

Word List: Swan, Elegant, Fierce, Wolf, Graceful, Majestic, Stalk, Prowl, Regal, Menace

There was once a beautiful swan named Lily who lived in a small pond in the forest. Lily was known for her grace and elegance, and she was loved by all the animals in the forest. She was a true symbol of majesty and beauty.

One day, while Lily was swimming in the pond, she came across a fierce wolf who was stalking the forest. The wolf had a reputation for being a menace to all the animals in the forest, and he was always on the prowl for his next prey.

Lily was afraid of the wolf, but she didn’t want to show it. She decided to use her grace and elegance to outsmart the wolf. She began to swim in a circle, and the wolf became mesmerized by her movements.

The wolf watched as Lily swam gracefully and regally, and he was in awe of her beauty. Soon, he realized that he didn’t want to harm her, and he became friends with Lily.

From that day on, the wolf and the swan went on many adventures together, and the wolf learned that sometimes it’s good to let go of his fierce nature and embrace the beauty and grace of life.


SwanA large waterbird with a long neck and typically white feathersSwan song, Swan dive, Swan lake
ElegantPleasingly graceful and stylish in appearance or mannerElegant solution, Elegant gesture, Elegant design
FierceIntensely enthusiastic or determined; violent and aggressiveFierce competition, Fierce passion, Fierce storm
WolfA large carnivorous mammal of the dog familyWolf pack, Wolf down, Wolf whistle
GracefulHaving or showing grace; pleasingly smooth and elegantGraceful dancer, Graceful move, Graceful exit
MajesticImpressive and dignified; grand and imposingMajestic mountain, Majestic palace, Majestic view
StalkTo follow or watch (someone) in a way that is hidden or threateningStalk prey, Stalk victim, Stalk around
ProwlTo move quietly and stealthily, especially in search of preyProwl around, Prowl the streets, Prowl at night
RegalMajestic and impressive; regal mannerRegal beauty, Regal presence, Regal bearing
MenaceA threat or danger; a person or thing that is likely to cause harmMenace to society, Menace to security, Menace to peace

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