The Brave Falcon and the Mischievous Monkeys

Word List: Falcon, Brave, Mischievous, Monkeys, Prey, Hunting, Steal, Fearless, Witty, Sneaky

There was once a falcon named Freddie who was known for his bravery and hunting skills. Freddie loved to hunt and was always on the lookout for his next prey. He was fearless and never backed down from a challenge.

One day, while Freddie was hunting, he came across a group of mischievous monkeys who were playing in the trees. The monkeys noticed Freddie and began to play pranks on him, trying to steal his prey.

Freddie was angry at first, but he soon realized that the monkeys were just being playful. He decided to show them that he was just as witty and sneaky as they were, and he started to play pranks on them in return.

The monkeys and Freddie continued to play pranks on each other, and soon they became great friends. Freddie learned that sometimes it’s good to let go of his anger and embrace the joy and fun of life.

From that day on, Freddie and the monkeys went on many adventures together, and Freddie learned that being brave and fearless also means being kind and understanding.


FalconA bird of prey with long, pointed wings and a hooked beakFalconry, Falcon hunt, Falcon eye
BraveReady to face and endure danger or pain; showing courageBrave soldier, Brave face, Brave heart
MischievousPlayfully troublesome; teasingMischievous child, Mischievous grin, Mischievous streak
MonkeysA primate with long arms and a tail, either arboreal or terrestrialMonkey business, Monkey around, Monkey bars
PreyAn animal hunted or caught for foodPrey animal, Prey to, Prey on
HuntingThe activity of searching for and killing or capturing animals for food or sportHunting season, Hunting trip, Hunting dog
StealTo take (something) without the owner’s permission or without paymentSteal from, Steal away, Steal the show
FearlessNot afraid; boldFearless leader, Fearless fighter, Fearless approach
WittyClever and amusingWitty remark, Witty humor, Witty comeback
SneakyActing in a stealthy manner; furtiveSneaky trick, Sneaky smile, Sneaky peak

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