The Haunting of the Abandoned Manor

Word List: decrepit, eerie, foreboding, ghostly, grotesque, haunted, malevolent, paranormal, sinister, supernatural

It was a decrepit, old manor that had been abandoned for many years. The locals whispered that it was haunted by ghostly spirits who roamed the halls at night. Despite the foreboding warnings, a group of friends decided to explore the mansion.

As they entered, they felt an eerie sense of unease. The walls were adorned with grotesque paintings and the air was heavy with the presence of something malevolent. They soon realized that they were not alone, as they heard ghostly whispers and sinister laughter.

As they explored the rooms, they encountered paranormal activity that sent chills down their spine. The door to the basement creaked open, revealing a staircase that led to a basement full of the supernatural. The friends ran out of the manor, never to return again.


decrepitfalling into ruins or decayingdecrepit building, decrepit church, decrepit house
eeriestrange and frighteningeerie atmosphere, eerie feeling, eerie sound
forebodingan ominous or supernatural signforeboding warning, foreboding dream, foreboding silence
ghostlyrelating to or resembling a ghostghostly apparition, ghostly presence, ghostly figure
grotesquestrange and ugly in shape or appearancegrotesque sculpture, grotesque painting, grotesque mask
hauntedvisited by a ghosthaunted house, haunted mansion, haunted castle
malevolenthaving or showing a wish to do evil to othersmalevolent spirit, malevolent look, malevolent intent
paranormalbeyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanationparanormal activity, paranormal investigator, paranormal phenomenon
sinistergiving the impression that something bad or harmful is happening or will happensinister figure, sinister smile, sinister voice
supernaturalrelating to forces beyond the natural worldsupernatural power, supernatural event, supernatural creature

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