The Haunting of the Eerie Manor

Word List: Eerie, Grotesque, Chilling, Ethereal, Unnerving, Whispers, Haunting, Malicious, Enthrall, Spectral

The sun had set hours ago and the night was chilling. The air was ethereal, almost otherworldly. I was lost in the vast countryside, the sky was a dark canvas adorned with stars that seemed to twinkle in a malicious way. I had heard of the abandoned manor on the outskirts of the village, it was said to be haunted by spirits of the past and that it was the site of some unspeakable evil. The villagers whispered of the strange noises that could be heard coming from the manor in the dead of night, and of the ghostly apparitions that could be seen lurking in the shadows.

I had never believed in such stories, but as I approached the manor, I began to feel a sense of unease. The place looked grotesque and uninviting, with ivy climbing up the walls, the roof caving in, and the windows shattered. But something was drawing me in, an unseen force that seemed to enthral me.

I pushed the creaky door open, and the whispers began. They were hushed at first, then grew louder and more intense, until they became a chorus of voices that filled my head. I felt a cold hand touch my shoulder, and I spun around to find no one there. I was surrounded by darkness, the only source of light was the moon shining through the broken windows. And then I saw it, the spectral figure of a woman, her hair flowing in the wind, her eyes empty and cold.

I screamed and ran, I ran until I was miles away from the manor. I didn’t stop until I was back in my bed, my heart racing, my mind filled with the unnerving images of that night. I never went back to the manor, but the memories of that night still haunt me to this day.


WordMeaningCollocation Examples
Eeriestrange and mysterious, causing a feeling of fear or uneasean eerie silence, an eerie feeling, an eerie atmosphere
Grotesquestrange and ugly, often in a frightening waya grotesque figure, a grotesque sight, a grotesque image
Chillingcausing a feeling of coldness or feara chilling breeze, a chilling experience, a chilling atmosphere
Etherealdelicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this worldan ethereal beauty, an ethereal voice, an ethereal presence
Unnervingcausing a feeling of fear or anxietyan unnerving situation, an unnerving experience, an unnerving atmosphere
Whisperssoft spoken words that are not easily heardhushed whispers, sinister whispers, ghostly whispers
Hauntingcontinuing to affect someone for a long time, especially in a way that is unpleasanta haunting melody, a haunting memory, a haunting image
Malicioushaving or showing a desire to hurt or harm someonea malicious grin, a malicious intent, a malicious act
Enthrallto capture and hold someone’s attention and interestenthralled by the music, enthralled by the story, enthralled by the performance
Spectralrelating to or like a ghost or spirita spectral figure, a spectral apparition, a spectral presence

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