The Curse of the Ancient Egyptian Tomb

Word List: archaic, cursed, enigmatic, eerie, foreboding, grave, haunt, hieroglyphics, malevolent, supernatural

For centuries, people have whispered of the cursed Egyptian tomb, hidden deep within the desert sands. The entrance was adorned with archaic hieroglyphics that warned of the tomb’s malevolent spirit. Despite the foreboding warnings, a group of archaeologists were determined to uncover its secrets.

As they entered the tomb, they felt an eerie sense of unease. The walls were covered with enigmatic symbols and the air was thick with the presence of something supernatural. Suddenly, they heard a haunting noise and realized that they were not alone.

The group soon discovered that the tomb was haunted by the ghost of an ancient Egyptian ruler, who had placed a curse upon the tomb to protect its secrets. Despite their attempts to leave, they found themselves unable to escape the tomb’s graveyard-like atmosphere.

The archaeologists soon fell victim to the curse, never to be seen or heard from again. It is said that their spirits still haunt the tomb, and that anyone who enters will suffer the same fate.


archaicvery old and no longer usedarchaic language, archaic manuscript, archaic weapon
curseddoomed to misfortune or sufferingcursed object, cursed land, cursed family
enigmaticdifficult to understand or explainenigmatic symbol, enigmatic figure, enigmatic statement
eeriestrange and frighteningeerie atmosphere, eerie feeling, eerie sound
forebodingan ominous or supernatural signforeboding warning, foreboding dream, foreboding silence
graveserious and dignifiedgrave tone, grave situation, grave expression
hauntvisit or appear to in a ghostly formhaunted house, haunted mansion, haunted castle
hieroglyphicsa system of writing using picturesancient hieroglyphics, Egyptian hieroglyphics, Mayan hieroglyphics
malevolenthaving or showing a wish to do evil to othersmalevolent spirit, malevolent look, malevolent intent
supernaturalrelating to forces beyond the natural worldsupernatural power, supernatural event, supernatural creature

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