The Detective and the Jewel Thief

Word List: Burglary, Sleuth, Larceny, Hijack, Heist, Pilfer, Purloin, Plunder, Robbery, Embezzlement

Detective Michael was one of the best detectives on the force, known for his sharp mind and relentless pursuit of justice. One day, he was handed the case of a lifetime: a notorious jewel thief had been breaking into homes across the city, committing burglaries and making off with millions of dollars’ worth of jewelry and other valuables.

Determined to bring the thief to justice, Michael set out to solve the case. But the thief was cunning, always one step ahead of the detective and the police. Michael was a skilled sleuth, using his intelligence and intuition to track down leads and gather evidence.

Despite the thief’s best efforts to cover his tracks, Michael eventually managed to close in on him, using his skills to uncover the truth behind the string of larcenies. In a daring showdown, Michael confronted the thief, bringing an end to his reign of hijack and heist.

The thief was arrested, and Michael was hailed as a hero, his reputation as one of the city’s greatest detectives solidified forever.


Burglarythe crime of breaking into someone’s house or building with the intention of stealing somethingBurglary of a house, Burglary of a museum, Burglary of a jewelry store
Sleutha person who is good at finding information or discovering hidden facts, especially by careful investigationSleuth of a detective, Sleuth of a journalist, Sleuth of a researcher
Larcenythe crime of stealing something valuable, especially by using violence or threatLarceny of a car, Larceny of a painting, Larceny of a diamond
Hijackthe crime of taking control of a vehicle, airplane, or other means of transportation using violence or threatHijack of a bus, Hijack of a plane, Hijack of a train
Heista robbery, especially one in which a large amount of money or valuable things are stolenHeist of a bank, Heist of a jewelry store, Heist of a casino
Pilferto steal small items, especially in a sneaky wayPilfer of a candy, Pilfer of a pen, Pilfer of a book
Purlointo take something illegally or without permissionPurloin of a wallet, Purloin of a document, Purloin of a secret
Plunderto steal valuable things from someone or somewhere, especially during a warPlunder of a city, Plunder of a temple, Plunder of a ship
Robberythe crime of taking something valuable from someone using violence or threatRobbery of a store, Robbery of a gas station, Robbery of a bank
Embezzlementthe crime of illegally using money that has been trusted to your care for your own purposesEmbezzlement of a company, Embezzlement of a charity, Embezzlement of a fund

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