The Con Artist

Word List: Swindle, Deception, Scam, Con, Scheme, Racket, Hoax, Trickery, Duplicity, Hustle

John was known as the most successful businessman in the city, with a reputation for being smart and savvy. But little did everyone know, John was actually a master of swindle and deception, running elaborate scams and cons to get rich.

He was always coming up with new and creative schemes to cheat people out of their money, using his charisma and charm to cover his tracks. But eventually, his crimes caught up with him, and he found himself in the crosshairs of the authorities. John managed to avoid capture for a while, but eventually, he was arrested and put on trial for his crimes.

However, even in prison, John continued to work his racket, using his wit and cunning to manipulate those around him. He was a master of hoax and trickery, and no one could resist his charisma and charm. But eventually, John’s luck ran out, and he was sent away to prison for life, a warning to all those who would seek to use their skills for evil.


Swindlea dishonest plan or action for obtaining money or property from someone by deceiving themSwindle of an investor, Swindle of a charity, Swindle of a bank
Deceptionthe act of causing someone to believe something that is not trueDeception of a partner, Deception of a friend, Deception of a public
Scama dishonest plan or action for obtaining money or property from someone by deceiving themScam of a lottery, Scam of a telemarketing, Scam of a charity
Cona dishonest plan or action for obtaining money or property from someone by deceiving themCon of a dating, Con of an investment, Con of a loan
Schemea plan or strategy for achieving a particular goal, especially one that is dishonest or unethicalScheme of a pyramid, Scheme of a Ponzi, Scheme of a tax evasion
Racketa criminal activity or organization that involves cheating people out of moneyRacket of a gambling, Racket of a prostitution, Racket of a protection
Hoaxa trick or a false situation created to deceive or mislead peopleHoax of a ghost, Hoax of a UFO, Hoax of a virus
Trickerythe use of clever and dishonest methods to deceive someoneTrickery of a magician, Trickery of a hacker, Trickery of a politician
Duplicitythe act of being two-faced and dishonest, especially by pretending to have different opinions or intentionsDuplicity of a spy, Duplicity of a salesman, Duplicity of a double agent
Hustlethe act of doing something quickly or urgently in order to make money or gain an advantageHustle of a street vendor, Hustle of a door-to-door salesman, Hustle of a telemarketer

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