A Conspiracy of Silence

Word List: Conspiracy, Acquittal, Jury, Prosecution, Evidence, Alibi, Cross-examination, Perjury, Jury Instruction, Indictment


Jenny was a young and ambitious journalist who had a thirst for justice and truth. She always wanted to uncover the truth behind a case, no matter how powerful or influential the suspect was. She was assigned to cover the most high-profile case in the city, the murder of a well-known businessman.

As the trial started, Jenny was shocked to see that the prosecution had a strong case against the suspect, with solid evidence and witness statements. However, she noticed that the suspect’s defense lawyer was relentless in his cross-examination of the witnesses, picking holes in their statements and creating doubt in the minds of the jury.

Despite the strong case against the suspect, the jury returned a verdict of acquittal, much to the surprise of everyone in the courtroom. Jenny was suspicious of the verdict and decided to investigate further. She soon discovered that there was a conspiracy of silence among the jurors, who had been bribed to acquit the suspect.

Jenny’s investigation led her to uncover evidence of perjury and indictment, and she was able to bring the truth to light. The verdict was overturned, and the real killer was brought to justice. Jenny’s determination and bravery had helped to bring justice to a case that was almost lost.


  1. Conspiracy
    • a secret plan by a group of people to do something harmful or illegal
    • Plot, Scheme, Cabal
  2. Acquittal
    • a judgment of a court of law that a person is not guilty of the crime with which they have been charged
    • Clearance, Discharge, Exoneration
  3. Jury
    • a group of people chosen to judge the facts in a trial and make a decision about the case
    • Panel, Tribunal, Assembly
  4. Prosecution
    • the act of legally charging someone with a crime
    • Pursuit, Accusation, Denunciation
  5. Evidence
    • information used in a court of law to help prove or disprove a fact
    • Proof, Data, Testimony
  6. Alibi
    • a defense in a criminal trial in which the accused claims to have been somewhere else when the crime was committed
    • Excuse, Explanation, Justification
  7. Cross-examination
    • a questioning of a witness in a trial by the lawyer for the other side
    • Interrogation, Quizzing, Grilling
  8. Perjury
    • the crime of telling a lie in a court of law after having sworn to tell the truth
    • False Oath, Fabrication, Deceit
  9. Jury Instruction
    • a set of rules and guidelines that a judge gives to a jury to help them understand the law and make their decision in a case
    • Direction, Advice, Mandate
  10. Indictment
  • a formal accusation made against someone, charging them with a crime
  • Accusation, Charge, Prosecution

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