The Impeachment of a President

Word List: Impeachment, Corruption, Bribery, Embezzlement, Treason, Extortion, Negligence, Malfeasance, Perfidy, Obstruction of Justice


The country was in turmoil. The President, who had been elected with a promise to restore the nation to its former glory, was now facing an impeachment trial. The allegations against him were serious – corruption, bribery, embezzlement, and even treason. The nation was divided, with some supporting the President and others calling for his removal from office.

As the trial began, the evidence against the President was overwhelming. There were witnesses who testified to his involvement in extortion and negligence in his duties as the President. The special prosecutor presented evidence of malfeasance in office and perfidy in his dealings with foreign governments.

Despite the evidence against him, the President refused to resign. He used his powers to obstruct the investigation and tried to influence the outcome of the trial. The trial lasted for several months, but in the end, the Senate voted to remove the President from office.

The nation was shocked by the outcome of the trial, but they were also relieved that justice had been served. The President’s removal from office sent a strong message to future leaders that they must always act with integrity and honesty, and that there would be consequences for those who broke the law.


  1. Impeachment
    • a legal process in which a public official is accused of wrongdoing and removed from office if found guilty
    • Dismissal, Deposition, Abolition
  2. Corruption
    • the abuse of power for personal gain
    • Bribery, Fraud, Misuse
  3. Bribery
    • the act of offering money or gifts to someone in a position of authority in order to influence their decision
    • Corruption, Extortion, Payoff
  4. Embezzlement
    • the crime of stealing money or property that has been trusted to one’s care
    • Misappropriation, Diversion, Appropriation
  5. Treason
    • the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government
    • Betrayal, Sedition, Infidelity
  6. Extortion
    • the act of using threats to force someone to do something
    • Coercion, Blackmail, Threat
  7. Negligence
    • failure to take proper care in doing something
    • Carelessness, Inattention, Recklessness
  8. Malfeasance
    • wrongdoing, especially by a public official
    • Misconduct, Impropriety, Unlawfulness
  9. Perfidy
    • the act of breaking a promise or committing treachery
    • Betrayal, Deception, Infidelity
  10. Obstruction of Justice
  • the crime of interfering with the investigation or administration of justice
  • Hindrance, Interference, Impediment

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