The Mystery of the Vanishing Geneticists

Word List: Genome, DNA, Chromosome, Gene, Geneset, Genetech, Hybridization, Mutations, Evolution, Synthesis

Story: A team of brilliant geneticists had dedicated their lives to unlocking the secrets of the genome. They had made remarkable progress in decoding the complex information contained within each strand of DNA. But one day, all of the scientists vanished without a trace. The police searched the lab and found no signs of foul play. The only clue was a strange message on the computer about a breakthrough in chromosome manipulation.

As the investigation continued, a theory emerged that the scientists had discovered a way to alter the very building blocks of life through the manipulation of specific genes. But when a rival corporation claimed to have acquired the missing team’s geneset and promised to revolutionize the world with their new genetech, the police realized they were dealing with a sinister plot.

Further investigation revealed that the corporation had used the stolen geneset to create a new breed of organisms through hybridization and forced mutations, leading to unforeseen consequences in the delicate balance of evolution.

The police raced against time to stop the corporation before they could release their dangerous creation into the world, but the missing geneticists remained a mystery. In the end, the truth about the scientists’ disappearance was even stranger than anyone could have imagined, involving a mysterious and advanced form of synthesis that threatened to change the world forever.


1. Genome

  • Meaning: The complete set of genetic material in a living organism
  • Collocations: Human genome, Genome mapping, Genome sequencing

2. DNA

  • Meaning: The molecule that carries the genetic instructions used in the growth, development, functioning, and reproduction of all living things
  • Collocations: DNA replication, DNA fingerprinting, DNA evidence

3. Chromosome

  • Meaning: A long, coiled DNA molecule that contains many genes and other DNA segments
  • Collocations: Chromosome number, Chromosome mutations, Chromosome analysis

4. Gene

  • Meaning: A unit of hereditary information that controls a particular characteristic in an organism
  • Collocations: Gene therapy, Gene expression, Gene editing

5. Geneset

  • Meaning: The complete set of genes in a particular organism or species
  • Collocations: Human geneset, Animal geneset, Plant geneset

6. Genetech

  • Meaning: Technology related to the study of genes and their functions
  • Collocations: Genetic engineering, Gene therapy techniques, Genetech research

7. Hybridization

  • Meaning: The process of crossing two different species or varieties to produce a hybrid offspring
  • Collocations: Plant hybridization, Animal hybridization, Genetic hybridization

8. Mutations

  • Meaning: A permanent change in the DNA sequence that makes up a gene
  • Collocations: Genetic mutations, Cancer mutations, DNA mutations

9. Evolution

  • Meaning: The process by which species of living things change over many generations through natural selection
  • Collocations: Evolution theory, Darwin’s evolution, Human evolution

10. Synthesis

  • Meaning: The process of combining different elements to form a new and more complex whole
  • Collocations: Chemical synthesis, DNA synthesis, Protein synthesis

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