A Thievery at the Museum

Word List: Heist, Robbery, Con Artist, Fence, Pawn Shop, Swindle, Embezzlement, Extortion, Larceny, Burglary

There was a buzz in the air as the grand opening of the new art museum approached. Everyone was excited to see the collection of priceless artifacts and paintings, but the excitement was short lived as the museum was robbed on the opening night. The police had no leads and the investigation seemed to have hit a dead end, until a small-time con artist named Jack was caught trying to fence one of the stolen items at a local pawn shop. The police were shocked to discover that Jack was only a small part of a much larger operation run by a notorious gang of thieves who specialized in heists and robberies of museums and art galleries. Further investigation revealed that the ringleader, a man named Frank, was an expert in embezzlement, swindle and extortion. The police finally caught up with Frank and the rest of the gang and recovered all the stolen artifacts. The museum was finally able to open to the public and the crowds returned, but this time with a heightened sense of security and a newfound appreciation for the value of the priceless artifacts that were nearly lost to larceny and burglary.


Heista robbery, especially one carried out in a planned and organized wayBank heist, Gold heist, Diamond heist
Robberythe crime of stealing from someone using violence or the threat of violenceArmed robbery, Convenience store robbery, Bank robbery
Con Artista person who cheats or deceives others, especially by exploiting their confidenceConfidence artist, Scam artist, Fraudster
Fencea person who buys stolen goods in order to sell themBlack market fence, Illegal fence, Thief’s fence
Pawn Shopa business that lends money in exchange for personal items that are left as securityPawnbroker, Pawn shop owner, Pawn shop loan
Swindleto cheat someone out of money or property by using a trickInvestment swindle, Charity swindle, Real estate swindle
Embezzlementthe crime of stealing money or other assets that have been trusted to one’s careCorporate embezzlement, Financial embezzlement, Public funds embezzlement
Extortionthe crime of obtaining money or property from someone by threatening to harm them or someone they care aboutCyber extortion, Protection extortion, Blackmail extortion
Larcenythe crime of stealing someone’s property without using violence or threatsGrand larceny, Petit larceny, Shoplifting larceny
Burglarythe crime of breaking into a building in order to steal somethingResidential burglary, Commercial burglary, Attempted burglary

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