The Mysterious Disappearance of the Herd of Goats

Word List: Stray, Reclusive, Wary, Graze, Meandering, Scavenge, Perplexed, Lonesome, Lush, Feral


Once upon a time, in a small village surrounded by dense forests and rolling hills, there lived a reclusive goat farmer named Jacob. Jacob had a herd of goats that roamed the lush green pastures, grazing and meandering all day long. But one day, Jacob woke up to find that all his goats had gone missing. He searched the village high and low but couldn’t find any trace of them. He was perplexed and feared that they might have wandered off into the nearby forests and got lost.

The villagers soon got wind of the news and began to search for the missing goats. But no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t find any sign of the herd. They all believed that the goats might have strayed too far into the forests and were now lost.

Days passed and the villagers gave up their search. But Jacob refused to give up. He spent his days scouring the forests, calling out for his goats, and leaving food out for them in the hopes that they would return.

One day, as Jacob was walking through the forests, he heard a faint bleat in the distance. He followed the sound and stumbled upon a small herd of goats that were grazing on the lush green meadows. He was shocked to see that the goats were not his, but instead were feral goats that had strayed from their own herd.

Jacob was wary of the feral goats as they were known to be quite dangerous. But he was also lonesome and missed his own goats so much that he decided to stay with the feral goats and try to gain their trust.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. Jacob lived among the feral goats, scavenging for food and water, and slowly but surely, the feral goats grew to trust him. He eventually managed to bring the feral goats back to the village and reunite them with their own herd.

From that day on, Jacob was known as the goat whisperer, and the villagers would often come to him for advice on how to handle their own herds. The mysterious disappearance of the herd of goats was never fully explained, but Jacob was just happy to have found a new family in the feral goats.


Strayto wander away from a place or a groupstray animals, stray cattle, stray cats
Reclusiveavoiding contact with other people; living a solitary lifereclusive lifestyle, reclusive behavior, reclusive hermit
Waryfeeling or showing caution about something potentially dangerous or harmfulwary of strangers, wary of the dark, wary of the unknown
Grazeto feed on grass or plants, especially by nibbling at them continuouslygraze on the meadow, graze on the pasture, graze all day long
Meanderingto wander or move aimlessly or without a clear directionmeandering stream, meandering path, meandering journey
Scavengeto search for food or supplies in an opportunistic mannerscavenge for scraps, scavenge for food, scavenge for survival
Perplexedfeeling puzzled or confusedperplexed by the situation, perplexed by the question, perplexed by the answer
Lonesomefeeling lonely or sad because of being alonelonesome night, lones

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