The Mysterious Case of the Missing Diamond

Word List: Cryptic, Enigma, Puzzling, Baffling, Mysterious, Ambiguous, Vague, Obscure, Elusive, Equivocal

Detective Sarah was known for her excellent detective skills and her ability to solve even the most difficult cases. One day, she was called to investigate a cryptic case of a missing diamond. The diamond was one of the most valuable in the world, and its disappearance was a complete enigma.

Detective Sarah arrived at the scene and began her investigation. The more she looked into the case, the more puzzling and baffling it became. Nothing seemed to make sense, and the clues were all so mysterious and ambiguous.

The owner of the diamond was a wealthy businessman, and he claimed that he had no idea who could have taken it. His answers to Detective Sarah’s questions were all vague and obscure, and she couldn’t seem to get any useful information from him.

The diamond was nowhere to be found, and the trail had gone cold. Detective Sarah was getting frustrated, and she felt like the diamond was elusive and equivocal.

Just when Detective Sarah was about to give up, she got a call from a young girl who claimed that she knew who took the diamond. The girl said that she had seen someone hiding in the shadows, and she thought that they might have something to do with the disappearance of the diamond.

Detective Sarah followed up on the lead, and she finally discovered who had taken the diamond. It turned out to be the businessman’s own son, who had taken the diamond and hidden it in his room.

Detective Sarah solved the case and brought the culprit to justice. The mysterious case of the missing diamond was finally solved, and Detective Sarah’s reputation as a brilliant detective was once again proven.


CrypticMysterious and hard to understanda cryptic message, a cryptic symbol
EnigmaSomething that is mysterious and difficult to understandan enigma wrapped in mystery
PuzzlingConfusing and difficult to understanda puzzling situation, a puzzling problem
BafflingConfusing and difficult to understanda baffling mystery, a baffling situation
MysteriousMysterious and difficult to explaina mysterious disappearance, a mysterious creature
AmbiguousHaving more than one possible meaningan ambiguous statement, an ambiguous situation
VagueNot clear or specifica vague answer, a vague memory
ObscureNot clear or easily understoodan obscure reference, an obscure meaning
ElusiveDifficult to find or catchan elusive goal, an elusive criminal
EquivocalHaving more than one possible meaningan equivocal statement, an equivocal situation

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