The Little Girl and the Magic Rainbow

Word List: Enchanted, Majestic, Glowing, Radiant, Vibrant, Lustrous, Glittering, Shimmering, Iridescent, Beaming

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Lily who lived in a village at the foot of a mountain. One day, while playing in the fields, Lily saw a beautiful, enchanted rainbow appear in the sky. She had never seen anything like it before and she was filled with wonder and amazement.

Lily decided to follow the rainbow, and she climbed to the top of the mountain. When she reached the top, she saw a beautiful castle made of gold and diamonds. The castle was surrounded by a garden filled with the most beautiful flowers she had ever seen. The flowers were majestic and they sparkled in the sun.

Lily entered the castle, and she was greeted by a fairy who lived inside. The fairy was wearing a dress that was glowing with the colors of the rainbow. She told Lily that she was the guardian of the magic rainbow and that she would give her a special gift if she was able to find the end of the rainbow.

Lily was determined to find the end of the rainbow, and she set out on her quest. She traveled through forests and across rivers, and finally, she reached the end of the rainbow. There, she found a pot of gold and a beautiful diamond. The diamond was radiant and it sparkled in the sun.

Lily was filled with joy and she thanked the fairy for her gift. She returned to the castle and she was greeted by the fairy, who was beaming with happiness. The fairy told Lily that the magic rainbow would appear in the sky every day, and that she would always be there to guide her.

From that day on, Lily would climb to the top of the mountain every day and she would follow the magic rainbow to the end. The rainbow was always vibrant and it was filled with the colors of the rainbow. The flowers in the garden were always lustrous and they sparkled in the sun. The pot of gold and the diamond were always there, waiting for her.

Lily lived a happy life, always surrounded by the beauty of the magic rainbow. The rainbow was a symbol of hope and happiness, and it was always shimmering and iridescent in the sky.


EnchantedDelighted and filled with wonderan enchanted forest, an enchanted garden
MajesticImpressive and granda majestic castle, a majestic mountain
GlowingShining brightlya glowing sun, a glowing star
RadiantBright and shininga radiant smile, a radiant sun
VibrantBright and full of energya vibrant personality, a vibrant city
LustrousShiny and glowinga lustrous mane, a lustrous jewel
GlitteringSparkling and shininga glittering city, a glittering star
ShimmeringShining and changing colora shimmering lake, a shimmering dress
IridescentShining and changing coloran iridescent rainbow, an iridescent gem
BeamingSmiling widely and happilya beaming face, a beaming sun

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