The Great Escape of the Clever Fox

Word List: Sly, Crafty, Witty, Adroit, Devious, Astute, Resourceful, Clever, Artful, Stealthy

Once upon a time, there was a clever fox who lived in the forest. The fox was known to be very sly and crafty, and he had a reputation for being able to escape from any situation.

One day, the fox was hunted by the forest ranger and his dogs. The fox knew that he had to escape or he would be captured. He thought quickly and came up with a plan.

The fox led the ranger and the dogs on a wild chase through the forest. He used his witty and adroit skills to avoid capture. He was devious in his tactics, and he made sure to leave false trails behind him.

As the ranger and the dogs got tired, the fox saw his chance to escape. He used his astute and resourceful skills to find a hiding place. He climbed a tree and hid in the branches, where he was safe from the ranger and the dogs.

The fox laughed to himself, knowing that he had outsmarted the ranger once again. He was clever and artful in his escape, and he had used his stealthy skills to avoid capture.

The fox lived happily ever after, and he continued to use his clever skills to escape from danger and to protect his friends in the forest.


SlyCunning and craftya sly grin, a sly fox
CraftyClever and deviousa crafty plan, a crafty thief
WittyHumorous and clevera witty joke, a witty remark
AdroitSkilled and cleveran adroit performance, an adroit response
DeviousSly and cunninga devious plan, a devious act
AstuteIntelligent and insightfulan astute observer, an astute decision
ResourcefulInventive and creativea resourceful solution, a resourceful person
CleverSmart and intelligenta clever idea, a clever student
ArtfulSkilled and talentedan artful design, an artful performer
StealthyMoving quietly or secretlya stealthy cat, a stealthy operation

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