The Frog Prince’s Journey

Word List: Leap, Pond, Lillies, Croak, Amphibian, Amphibiously, Frog legs, Hopping, Metamorphosis, Warts

Once upon a time, there lived a proud and beautiful princess. She lived in a magnificent castle surrounded by a vast and verdant forest. One day, as she was walking through the forest, she came across a tiny, green frog sitting on a lily pad in a pond. The frog looked up at her with his beady eyes and said, “Please, Princess, kiss me, and I will turn into a prince and take you as my bride.”

The princess, being quite skeptical, laughed at the frog and said, “A kiss from me will not turn you into a prince.” And with that, she left the frog in the pond and went on her way. However, as time passed, the princess could not get the frog out of her mind. The next day, she went back to the pond, and the frog was still there, sitting on a lily pad, waiting for her. She sighed and gave the frog a kiss. To her surprise, the frog began to metamorphosis before her very eyes. When the transformation was complete, she found herself face-to-face with a handsome prince.

The prince, who was once the frog, was overjoyed and offered the princess his hand in marriage. The princess, who was once skeptical, was now in love with the prince and agreed to marry him. They lived amphibiously for many years, swimming in the pond and leaping from lily pad to lily pad. They had many adventures and lived happily ever after.

Years later, the prince and princess were invited to a grand feast at the castle. The princess was overjoyed to see that the main course was frog legs, which she had never tasted before. The prince, who was once a frog, was a bit apprehensive about the dish, but he agreed to try it for the sake of his wife. To their surprise, the frog legs were delicious, and they both ate heartily.

The prince and princess continued to live amphibiously, hopping from one adventure to the next, croaking and singing with joy. And even though the prince was no longer a frog, he still had his warts, which he kept as a reminder of his humble beginnings.


LeapTo jump or springLeap of faith, Leap year, Leap into action
PondA small body of still waterKoi pond, Frog pond, Lily pond
LilliesA type of flowering plantWater lilies, Easter lilies, Calla lilies
CroakA harsh, low-pitched sound made by a frogFrog croak, Night-time croak, Amphibian croak
AmphibianAn animal that can live both in water and on landSalamander, Toad, Frog
AmphibiouslyIn a way that relates to amphibiansAmphibious creature, Amphibious vehicle, Amphibious life
Frog legsThe legs of a frog, used for foodFrog leg stew, Frog leg soup, Fried frog legs
HoppingJumping or moving by jumpingHopping mad, Hopping happy, Hopping around

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