The Frog King and the Magic Pearl

Word List: Amphibian, Leap, Basking, Mucus, Ribbit, Backward, Amphibious, Slippery, Swollen, Bulging

The Frog King and the Magic Pearl

Once upon a time, in a lush green kingdom lived a frog named Kermit. Kermit was known to be the most magnificent amphibian in the kingdom, who could leap higher and farther than any other frog. He lived a happy life basking in the sun and enjoyed the company of other frogs.

One day, while he was leaping through the lily pads, he saw a beautiful pearl glistening in the mud. It was surrounded by a thin layer of mucus, but Kermit could tell that it was something special. He decided to take a closer look and as he reached for it, he heard a voice.

“The pearl is mine!” said the voice.

Kermit was surprised to see that the voice belonged to an old frog, who was sitting on a log. The old frog told Kermit that the pearl was a magic pearl and whoever possessed it would become the ruler of the kingdom.

Kermit was intrigued and asked the old frog how he could get the pearl. The old frog told him that he had to go through a series of challenges, and only then would he be worthy of the pearl.

The first challenge was to catch a slippery fish that lived in the pond. Kermit was confident, and he went straight to work. He chased the fish and managed to catch it after a long and exhausting chase.

The second challenge was to climb a tall tree and retrieve a golden feather. Kermit had to use all his strength and agility to climb the tree, but he finally managed to retrieve the feather.

The final challenge was to cross a lake filled with swollen and bulging toads. Kermit had to be careful, as the toads were known to be hostile and dangerous. He took a deep breath and started to cross the lake, but the toads started to jump on him, trying to push him into the water. Kermit was determined, and he managed to cross the lake by leaping backwards, avoiding the toads.

When Kermit reached the other side of the lake, he found the magic pearl waiting for him. He took the pearl, and as soon as he touched it, he became the ruler of the kingdom.

From that day on, Kermit lived a life of luxury, surrounded by all the creatures of the kingdom. He was happy, and he knew that the magic pearl had changed his life forever.


AmphibianAn animal that can live both on land and in wateramphibian species, amphibian populations, amphibian habitat
LeapTo jump a long way or to jump high into the airleapfrog, leap into action, take a leap of faith
BaskingTo lie in a comfortable place and enjoy the warmth of the sunbask in the sun, bask in glory, bask in success
MucusA slippery substance that is produced by the body to help protect itmucus secretion, remove mucus, produce mucus
RibbitThe sound that a frog makesribbit ribbit, the ribbit of a frog, make a ribbit
BackwardIn the direction that is the reverse of the normal directionbackward jump, move backward, backward glance
AmphibiousAble to live both on land and in wateramphibious vehicle, amphibious invasion, amphibious animal
SlipperyHaving a smooth and wet surface, making it difficult to grip or stand onslippery slope, slippery surface, slippery when wet
SwollenIncreased in size or filled with fluidswollen eyes, swollen ankle, swollen glands
BulgingProtruding or swelling outbulging muscles, bulging eyes, bulging belly

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