Retold – The Journey Through the Amazon Rainforest

Word List

rainforest, dense, canopy, biodiversity, exotic, humid, tropical, mysterious, flora, fauna


The Amazon Rainforest is a dense and lush forest, filled with exotic and mysterious life. The canopy, a layer of vegetation that covers the forest, is home to an incredible variety of flora and fauna, making the Amazon Rainforest one of the most biodiverse areas on earth.

For those looking to explore this amazing place, the journey through the Amazon Rainforest is not for the faint of heart. With its humid, tropical climate, the rainforest can be challenging to navigate, but it’s well worth the effort.

With each step, you’ll be surrounded by the dense foliage, exotic wildlife, and diverse plants of the rainforest. Whether you’re trekking through the jungle or floating down one of the many rivers that flow through the forest, the Amazon is sure to provide a unique and unforgettable experience.

The Amazon Rainforest is a place of great beauty, with its lush vegetation, mysterious and exotic animals, and rich culture. If you’re looking for adventure, then pack your bags and head to the Amazon Rainforest. The journey through this magical place will be an experience you’ll never forget.

Vocabulary Tables

Story. The Journey Through the Amazon Rainforest

rainforesta dense forest found in tropical areas, characterized by high rainfallAmazon rainforest, rainforest destruction, rainforest conservation
densethick and close together; crowdeddense foliage, dense population, dense traffic
canopythe upper layer of branches and leaves of trees in a forest, which forms a roof over the rest of the forestforest canopy, canopy walk, canopy tour
biodiversitythe variety of different types of plants and animals that exist in a particular area or ecosystembiodiversity hotspot, biodiversity loss, biodiversity conservation
exoticvery different and unusual, and therefore interesting or appealingexotic animals, exotic plants, exotic culture
humidhaving a lot of moisture in the airhumid climate, humid weather, humid atmosphere
tropicalrelating to or situated in the tropics, an area of the earth near the equator characterized by hot and moist climatestropical rainforest, tropical island, tropical weather
mysteriousstrange and not easily explained or understoodmysterious creature, mysterious phenomenon, mysterious event
floraall the plant life in a particular area or regiontropical flora, desert flora, arctic flora
faunaall the animal life in a particular area or regiontropical fauna, desert fauna, arctic fauna

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