Lost in Translation

Word list: Perplexed, Elicit, Conundrum, Convex, Raze, Conundrum, Soothe, Inevitable, Fledgling, Serendipitous

Perplexed, Elicit, Conundrum, Convex, Raze, Conundrum, Soothe, Inevitable, Fledgling, Serendipitous. These were the words that echoed in Sarah’s mind as she tried to decipher the strange and ancient text in front of her. Sarah was a fledgling archaeologist, who had always been fascinated with the ancient civilizations of the world. This was her chance to prove herself, and to uncover the secrets that the world had long forgotten. But as she gazed upon the text, she was left perplexed, as the words seemed to elicit more questions than answers.

“This is a real conundrum,” she thought to herself, as she gazed upon the text. The text was written in an ancient language that nobody had ever seen before, and it seemed to be convex in nature, as if the words were curved and bending inwards.

Determined to find out the truth, Sarah spent days poring over the text, trying to elicit its meaning. But as she worked, she only found herself more and more perplexed, as the text seemed to only lead to more questions, and more confusion.

It was only after several weeks that she finally discovered the truth. The text was a warning, to those who would dare to raze the ancient temple. But before she could even tell the world of her findings, the temple was destroyed, and the text was lost forever.

Heartbroken, Sarah sought to soothe her soul, and to find peace in the midst of the chaos. And as she traveled the world, she found solace in the most serendipitous of ways, discovering that sometimes, the answers to our greatest questions are found in the most unexpected of places.

Vocabulary Table

WordMeaningCollocation Examples
PerplexedConfused; puzzledperplexed look, perplexed expression, perplexed mind
ElicitTo draw out; to bring outelicit a response, elicit information, elicit feelings
ConundrumA puzzle or riddlea conundrum to solve, a conundrum of questions, a conundrum of mysteries
ConvexCurving outward; roundedconvex shape, convex mirror, convex surface
RazeTo destroy completelyraze a building, raze a city, raze to the ground
SootheTo calm or comfortsoothe a baby, soothe an anger, soothe a soul
InevitableUnavoidable; certain to happeninevitable consequences, inevitable fate, inevitable end
FledglingNew or inexperienceda fledgling artist, a fledgling business, a fledgling adventurer
SerendipitousHappening by chance in a fortunate wayserendipitous discovery, serendipitous encounter, serendipitous event

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